Welcome to CaptiveLogix!
We deliver comprehensive software solutions to fit your business needs.
We understand the technology landscape is constantly evolving and we are committed to continually expanding our expertise in new technologies to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve.
Who We Are
CaptiveLogix is a software development and consulting services company based out of Toronto, Canada. We were founded in 2011 on the news of Microsoft announcing the launch of Windows Azure. We began providing custom development and Azure consulting services for Microsoft, leading us to quickly gain a reputation for being a nimble boutique development firm who are proficient in a wide-range of emerging technologies.
What We Do
We specialize in the design and development of enterprise software solutions that leverage emerging technologies to solve complex business problems. Whether it is help with adopting new technologies, providing architecture guidance, or implementing new development processes, CaptiveLogix can help your company excel.
How We Do It
The unrelenting pursuit of knowledge has always been a big part of the culture here at CaptiveLogix. It has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving technology landscape and help distance our selves from our competition. Having an extensive expertise of such a wide range of technologies and industry best-practices allows us to continually deliver high-quality solutions for our clients across all market verticals.
What our customers say...
  • Rob Kent
    Rob Kent
    VP Marketing, Cybraics
    I've used CaptiveLogix for several projects and they have always gone above and beyond to deliver. One of the things I love about their team is their ability to be flexible, adapt, and still exceed expectations. Often the projects I brought them were not fully scoped and they were tremendous in working with my team to flesh out the details. They are great at translating a fuzzy vision into a functioning product. Since leaving Microsoft I have re-engaged CaptiveLogix on other projects and continue to be impressed by their work. Their work is always top-notch, they always hit their deadlines, and they always exceed my expectations.
  • Vu Ngo
    Vu Ngo
    President, C3 Insight Group Inc.
    We have been collaborating with Captivelogix since my days at Microsoft and now with my own company for the past 7 years. Tim and his team are leaders in their field. We are confident we are partnering with the best in the industry to develop our IP.
  • Bryan Simmons
    Bryan Simmons
    Security & Conformance Officer, Mozzaz Corporation
    CaptiveLogix was instrumental in creating our Azure production and staging environments. Work that I would expect anyone else might takes months to plan and complete, they accomplished in a matter of weeks. We now have the compliance architecture needed to compete in our various markets.
  • Dimitri Fitsialos
    Dimitri Fitsialos
    President, Integrated Therapeutic Solutions
    The CaptiveLogix team has provided exceptional customer service and expertise building our SharePoint workflows as well as providing expert custom development integrations to help my business run more efficiently.
  • Scott Mulligan
    Scott Mulligan
    Partner Broker of Record, Ellington Real Estate
    We worked with CaptiveLogix to bring our vision of an easy-to-use enterprise, lease management platform to life. CaptiveLogix worked with our team to design and then build a product for our customers to use. The final product is easy to use, customizable and cost effective. The CaptiveLogix team worked closely with us and responded to our questions and requests in a timely and professional manner. We highly recommend the CaptiveLogix team to anyone looking to build a quality product!
Our Leadership Team
We're led by a leadership team who challenges the status quo and pushes those around them to think outside the box.
Tim Fernandes
Tim Fernandes
Tim guides the company's growth and is responsible for building long lasting relationships with our customers and partners.
Scott Collard
Chief Technology Officer
Scott Collard
Scott ensures we never stop innovating for our clients. He works with clients to help conceptualize and design solutions that bring their vision to life.
Andrew Collard
Director of Development
Andrew Collard
Andrew makes sure projects are delivered on schedule. He works with the development team to ensure code is delivered on time and is of the highest quality.