Our Services
We help our clients design, build and deliver quality software
Development Services
We offer a wide-range of development services to help bring your ideas to life. Whether your starting with just an idea or have a fully functioning application, our team can provide value at all phases of an applications lifecycle. We can deliver a fully developed turn-key solution or work alongside your own development team to ensure your solution is architected the right way and developed using the right technologies and best-practises.
Whether its just an idea on the back of a napkin or a full set of business requirements, we can help you formalize a project plan and development timetable. We will work closely alongside your team to help formulate and organize requirements into smaller units of work and align them with existing delivery time-lines. This initial phase of the project lifecycle is very important to get right as it outlines the functionality that will steer the design phase.
Translating a set of business requirements into a great application is not a trivial exercise. We understand that a great Ux design must fulfill all the functional requirements whilst being aesthetically captivating and intuitive for its users. This same level of consideration is applied to the design of the architecture of your solution. Our architects leverage their vast expertise in software architecture design to architect a solution that will ensure your application is both secure and performant without sacrificing maintainability.
Our development team is proficient in a wide-set of technologies, allowing them to select the right technologies for each project. The team is continually adopting new technologies and industry best-practices to ensure our customers receive the best product built on the best platform. Development work is broken down into short deliverable sprints that helps provide our clients with ongoing transparency through the development lifecycle.
Whether your solution is deployed to the cloud or on-premise, it is important to actively monitor all aspects of the application to ensure a high quality of service is maintained for your users. Our team leverages industry-leading monitoring and diagnostic technologies to help identify any issues or performance-bottlenecks that arise while in production.
Consulting Services
We provide a wide array of consulting services to help your business excel in the world of enterprise software. Whether you are looking for architecture and security guidance for a new project or need our experts to perform a code-review of an existing application, our solution architects will make sure your steered in the right direction.
Having a well-designed architecture is vital to the success of any long-running application. Whether you are looking to build a new application or refactor an existing one, our architects will leverage their extensive experience in solution architectures and vast knowledge of the latest technology landscape to ensure your solution is secure, performant and reliable for years to come.
If your looking to build a new application in the cloud or migrate an existing application to the cloud, our team can help you fully utilize the power of cloud computing. CaptiveLogix has been heavily involved in cloud computing since its inception and it's remained core to our business. We have helped countless companies both large and small migrate their infrastructure to the cloud.
Code Review
Performing a code-review involves an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your application including the identification of any security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and anti-patterns. The process starts with the use of static analysis tools followed by a detailed walk through of the codebase by one of our certified architects. Upon the completion of the review, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the current state of the application and any identified issues along with suggestions on how to best resolve them.